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White Hawk Services

Our Approach, Your Success

Our proven methodology defines ideal targets, creates compelling messages by market, and penetrates those ideal markets with selling and marketing activities that resonate with buyers. You gain insight and access to where buyers are in the process, a complete understanding of each market, improved outreach management and more effective selling.

Unlike other firms, White Hawk offers
…a sophisticated and strategic approach to generating new business
…only highly qualified and talented people
…a technology implementation that integrates social selling with social media
…a disciplined process that delivers measurable results.

We put you in front of the right prospects, with the right message, at the right time.

Service Portfolio

Lead Management and Qualification
This can be a costly function to keep in-house, White Hawk will help optimize your resources. Prospect activity, including tradeshows, webinars, email responses, web site tracking or content downloads requires follow-up. We make sure that every lead is systematically qualified and assigned an appropriate action plan.

Pipeline Development & Nurturing
This is historically a cumbersome and lengthy process for clients. Our specialty is expediting new revenue pipeline. White Hawk’s comprehensive approach involves targeting, messaging, social media, thoughtful execution and regular adjustments to generate demand and guide prospects through the buying cycle quickly.

Inside Sales Outsourcing
Expanding a sales team can pose significant risks and investment. White Hawk allows you to extend your sales reach and efficiently address smaller sales opportunities. Our cost-effective and turnkey sales outsourcing solutions deliver the impact you need without the worry—from lead gen to booking deals.

Marketing Services
For a holistic approach to pipeline management, we now offer the benefits of a fully supported marketing automation system at a fraction of the price to acquire and implement on your own. Get started with access to this tool and the capabilities to execute on a fully integrated marketing program that delivers sales ready prospects to your team to close. Let us help your team with email campaigns, content marketing, profiling and segmentation, tracking and reporting.

Market Intelligence
Not sure you’re getting the whole story? White Hawk’s “white label” research delivers insight about how products and services resonate in the market as well as key account research and process mapping.

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