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Marketing Services

Attract more customers, nurture leads, and expand engagements

Our professional marketing platform lets you continuously shape relationships with your prospects and customers. This tool is the springboard for 1-to-1 marketing activities designed to develop meaningful relationships that translate into more sales.

Time and again, marketers have proven that when it comes to marketing tactics, one plus one equals three, not two. The more you target your customers through different marketing media, the more you create an impression of your brand and company in customers’ minds, and the more inclined they are to consider your products or services.

-David T. Scott, Wharton Magazine Blog

Our team at White Hawk has full service capabilities to help you execute on your lead generation activities and manage many aspects of your outbound programs. These features help you establish credibility and develop loyalty among your key audiences.

White Hawk Sales Partners gives you the benefits of a fully supported marketing automation system at a fraction of the price to acquire and implement on your own. Get started with access to this tool and the capabilities to execute on a fully integrated marketing program.

Email Campaigns

Engage with your customers with the right message. Every time. Take an integrated multi-touch approach and integrate those campaigns with other outbound efforts. Promote blog posts, content offers, new product releases, and special offers adjacent to relevant social media activity.

Content Marketing

Valuable information for your audience to consume can be a very effective means to attract and retain interest. Relevant content can be used to persuade opinions and behavior without blatant selling techniques. This educational approach is designed to increase receptiveness to your product and win trust. Examples include blog posts, white papers, articles, and more.

Profiling and Segmentation

With a deeper understanding of your customers and enhanced data you can put a more sophisticated profile to work. These demographics can provide valuable insights that in turn drive better decisions. Profiling your current base yields knowledge about your most predictable accounts. Assessing the behavior of those customers can create a profile to target new prospects with similar characteristics. Segmentation creates an understanding that allows marketing efforts to target constituents more effectively.


As your high quality sales leads come in, you need to assess and respond to every opportunity appropriately. Tracking, pre-set triggers, follow-up emails, appointment setting, and calls are made based on activity: opens, replies, website page hits, event attendees, and social connections. This process is designed to accelerate the sales cycle and move qualified prospects through the pipeline.

Account Management and Reporting

Full visibility into your accounts allows you to monitor high profile accounts and track progress with the nurturing process. Account managers and business development specialists can run reports to work groups in certain stages of the process as well as identify those sales ready leads for a call.

It’s Easy to Get Started

Our team will work as an extension of your sales and marketing departments utilizing our marketing platform. You will have full visibility to monitor activities, leads and reporting. Click Here to get started, we’ll get back to you within two business days.

Fully Integrated Approach to Success

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