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Lead Management Programs & Qualification

Harness every opportunity to sell

So many leads fall through the cracks, never receive follow-up, are not nurtured properly or are simply ignored. Some call it tragic lead bleed. Sales is tempted to focus on the low hanging fruit and often avoids the administrative burden of good lead management. This impacts your bottom line in terms of a continuous revenue stream as well as wasted marketing dollars.

You want effective lead management programs to shape more educated buyers, help you better understand their needs, and when done well… it positions your company as a trusted resource.

The result? A prospect who is receptive to your pitch.

At White Hawk, we understand the importance of reaching qualified prospects before the competition. We treat every inbound inquiry, white paper download, trade show/webinar/seminar attendee as a prospective buyer expressing interest. Our trained team takes those individuals through your key qualification criteria, scoring and screening-- then places them into a nurturing program. Our lead management program gets leads ready for a sales cycle, are seamlessly integrated with your team, and tracked appropriately.

White Hawk quickly fills your pipeline

 Sales Lead Management

You build new business faster, because we:

-Enhance marketing’s awareness and insight for more effective programs
-Qualify more inquiries faster with a professional and knowledgeable team
-Increase sales efficiency by enabling them to focus only on true revenue generating opportunities
-Maximize marketing ROI by assessing every inquiry
-Deliver only sales ready leads to your internal team
-Expedite B2B appointment setting
-Keep your sales team focused the opportunities that most deserve their attention
-Report on the complete lead management process and offer adjustment recommendations when efforts are not driving revenue
-Track, measure and analyze so you can prospect less and close more

Our team excels at contacting key decision makers, and when they are sales ready we pass them to you to seal the deal. To be successful, we fuel that core competency with comprehensive lead management and qualification services.

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